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The most economical, patented cryochamber on the market with open-type pre-chamber. The cryochamber uses the cold retention effect, making it very economical in operation.
High efficiency and dynamics of work of the unit allow to adjust length of stay in the cryochamber to individual patient's needs - a patient may enter and exit the cryochamber at any time without affecting cryochamber efficiency. System of sensors continuously monitors treatment parameters.
Cryochamber may represent version for 2-3 or 4-6 persons. It can be adjusted to the needs of people with high locomotor dysfunction by installing ceiling suspensions systems (optional).
An original solution, using a phenomenon of coolness retention and direct injection of liquid air into cryochamber, notified in the Europe Patent Office, provides an opportunity for widening the range of interventions offered so far in well-known cryo-chambers solutions. The possibility of enriching the atmosphere in the cabin with oxygen, up to 24-26%, creates better conditions for biological regeneration of persons who are exposed to great strains and who need special conditions of regeneration (e.g. sportsmen after exhausting training).
The nitrogen - oxygen atmosphere allows the cryotherapy of the whole body, including face receptors which have a huge influence on feeling coldness and processes of thermoregulation in the patient's body.
Cooling retention – unique construction
A novelty in the construction of cryotherapeutic cabin is the location in the hollow below the level of the operative floor which allows the use of the coolness retention effect and advantage of direct liquid air injection into cryochamber. The slope of the stairs is mild and the steps are wide which enables the patients who are less fit to enter the cabin without problems and can be treated as adaptation area.
The staff is able to observe the patient constantly due to the fact that the cabin is well lit and that the ceiling is transparent. This makes crychamber very comfortable especially for patients who affaid small rooms. The temperature is controlled by a digital temperature meter also the atmosphere composition is measured by the oxygen concentration meters. These values are shown on the display of the console and computer controller.
Ozone desinfection
One of many very important problems in balneology is the contagion by microorganisms, especially mycosis is the nightmare of health resorts. Ozone generators are used to sterilize the devices after the whole day of treatments. The ozone half-life decomposition, which lasts
about 1 hour, causes that the next day of treatment device is totally disinfected.


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