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CRYOSTIMULATION – metabolic surge

Cryostimulation is a completely new method in cosmetics. It is applying extreme cold (even –160°C) in a form of nitrogen vapors for a very short time on selected body parts.

Clinically proven beneficial effects of cryostimulation:
•  4 times better lymph and blood microcirculation
•  Oxygenation and nourishment of the skin and subdermic tissues
•  Detoxification
•  Metabolic surge (even 4 hours after the procedure)
•  Firming of the skin and cellulite reduction by strengthening collagen and elastin fibers
•  Increased muscle tone
                                                                                                              CRYO T Elephant  (35 or 60 litters conteiners) 

Cryostimulation can be effectively caried out using Cryo-T Elephant  device. The working medium is liquid nitrogen (LN₂), which is applied on the skin in a form of cold stream. The device is equipped with IR temperature sensor which enables reliable and safe performance. Use of nitrogen vapors guarantees the cryostimulation effect.Cryo-T Elephant is the first in the world nitrogen device with laser sensor placed inside the application nozzle for remote measurement  of patient’s skin temperature. Sensor informs person conducting the procedure  there is proper temperature on cryostimulated skin area.

It is important to know that other cooling devices on the market may cause considerable slowdown in metabolic activity of the tissues by prolonged and slow cooling, which is the exact opposite of cryostimulation with nitrogen vapors.

Thanks to possibility of using Dewar vessel (special gas cylinder for liquid nitrogen storage) available in two capacities (35 or 60 liters) and electronic measurement of gas consumption user can precisely plan liquid nitrogen deliveries. It enables to minimize customary nitrogen losses resultingfrom gas evaporation during storage.

Metrum Cryoflex developed innovative construction of cryogenic pipe that ensures full freedom of the nozzle movement. It gives therapist unprecedented comfort of work. High-class insulation material used in cryogenic pipe prevents pipe from freezing and therefore stiffening during work. Therapist hands are not getting tired during procedure. 
                                                                                                           CRYO T Elephant (control panel)


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