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Lymphatic Drainage, Cellulite, Cellulite and Sliming programs in BOA MAX device  
This is a gentle technique that is used to pneumatic stimulate the lymphatic’s system. A series of rhythmical strokes using very light or high pressure is applies over the body to stimulate the lymphatic’s and aid in the flow of lymph through the system. The massage technique can be used as a whole body massage (jackets and pants), or only on the area depending on the needs of the individual client. Lower body sequential, pneumatic massage takes between 35-45 minutes massage is a very different experience from a traditional relaxation or remedial massage, it is often considering very relaxing and soothing.
Benefits of Lymphatic and Cellulite Drainage Massage with BOA MAX device:
•   Increases Immune system function.
•   Deep relaxation and better sleep patterns
•   Improve skin conditions.
•   General detox – people undergoing any form of detox as the technique will flush toxins more rapidly from the body.
•   Reduce edemas (swelling)- swelling is most common in the feet, ankles and lower legs, buttocks, abdomen parts.  


intensive nourishment and detoxification

Lymphatic Drainage is an excellent method of eliminating waste products from the organism.

It stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improves nourishing and oxygenation of the body cells. Lymphatic drainage according to Vodder’s technique enables transport of nutrients and white blood cells. During the massage the lymph is drained, what gives in instant relief from embolisms and oedemas. As a result lymphatic drainage detoxifies the body and helps to reduce weight.

Why Vodder’s?

Lymphatic drainage according to the technique invented by Dutch physician Emil Vodder consist in sequential compression (in accordance with blood and lymph circulation physiology) of selected body parts: limbs, abdomen, buttocks.


The Boa Max 2 device with 24 chamber cuffs is the only device in the world for Vodder massage. Other devices on the market offers solely pneumatic massage without proper lymphatic drainage.

Pressure cuffs

BOA massagers are equipped with top-quality pressure cuffs with overlapping chambers. Depending on the massager model, it is possible to utilise 12-chamber pressure cuffs for full legs and arms or special 24-chamber pants  (for both legs with gluteal and abdomen belt) and 24-chamber jackets indented for slimming massages and cellulites treatments. Cuff diameter can be increased using appropriate dilators. 


What our apparatus Boa Max differs from other pressure therapy devices available on the market? 

The BOA apparatus has built in system of valves which independently control the work of each of chamber in pants, jacket or sleeves. Physiotherapist using author's Metrum Software programme, can freely choose predefinable algorithms or to fit following treatment parameters for the individual clients:
  • Sleeve type: 24 chambers pants, 24 chambers jackets, 12 chamber arms sleeves, 12 chamber legs sleeves.


  • Type of treatment: aesthetic or physiotherapy programs. When sleeve type is selected, display for treatment algorithm selection is displayed. There are several algorithms for leg/ hand/ pants type sleeves and few algorithms for “jacket” type sleeve. The course of each algorithm is presented (animated) on unit display. 


  • Algorithm: in aesthetic mode: 6 predefined program’s, in physiotherapy mode: 12 individual algorithm’s




  • Pressure: from 20 to 140 mmHg


The pressure in individual pressure sleeve chambers is different for better therapeutic effect. This differentiation can be obtained setting the pressure gradient. This gradient is defined as treatment main (basic) pressure percent (percentage drop). There are several pressure drop values, which can be selected (5, 10, 15%).

  • Massage rate and pause


This system allows adjusting the massage rate. The rate is understood as time when pressure is kept on the specified value. The filling time for individual chambers is divided into two parts:
·        Time for chamber filling to the set pressure.
·        Time when pressure in sleeve chamber is kept on the set value.
The pause means time counted in point when there is actually no pressure – this can concern the given chamber or the whole sleeve. This unit allows selecting one of the 4 values – 0, 5, 10 or 15 seconds.

  • Number of cycles


This unit allows setting maximum a dozen or so cycles for each treatment algorithm. The cycle is understood as one full run of the treatment algorithm. The unit ends treatment after completion of all preset cycles. The final pressure sucking off from all chambers is always the final stage of each treatment.




The procedure using BOA Max 2 can intensify effects of other therapies for weight reduction like detoxifying diets, laser or chemical lipolysis, ultrasound cavitation, liposuction.


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