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Cryosurgery is a way of treatment that is used for various benign, premalignant and malignant skin lesions, either as a primary or as an alternative form of treatment. From clinical point of view the method is simple and safe. The broad spectrum of indications and relatively low cost of freezing makes this technique very popular in dermatological practice.





Advantages of Cryo-S Electric II  in Dermatosurgery
• bloodless method
• leaves no scar or scar is "noncolloidal"
• in most cases anesthesia is not needed 
• treatments can be single or multi-stage
• low invasive method acceptable for patients in all ages (most of them can be treated in out-patient clinics or One Day Surgery centers)
• treatment is safe
• excellent cosmetic effects

Developed by Metrum CryoFlex spray probe system dedicated for dermatosurgery can be used with unique cryoapplicator SD 10. Cryoprobe SD 10 is a spray type cryoprobe. This spray type cryoprobe can replace all contact type cryoprobes except the needle type. SD 10 cryoprobe can be used more efficiently in comparison with traditional contact type (even liquid nitrogen probes) because of: 

  • possibility of tissue moistening with liquid N2O - accumulation of liquid N2O intensifies cryodestruction (1 drop of liquid N20 is twice as powerful as 1 drop of liquid nitrogen),
  • possibility of tissue’s micro cracks penetration.

Reusable spray type cryoprobe can be used with:


  • single use cotton sticks (for large and and regular lesions),
  • reusable freezing limiters shields (for regular, flat lesions)
Cryo-S Electric II also uses contact cryoprobes in dermatosurgeryAll of the contact probes are also reusable, easy to sterilize and easy in exploitation.

                                                SD-10 spray type cryoprobe

                      This is only in the world, patented open type cryosurgical cryoprobe                                                          with fluent, adjustable freezing power.


                            Veruca seborrhoica of auricle

                      Before                                       After

                              Keratoacanthoma of upper lip

                      Before                                       After

                   Epithelioma basocellulare of lower eyelid

                      Before                                       After

                                    Verrucae vulgares

                      Before                                       After

Catalog of cryorpobes 
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