SWING 1470


SWING 1470

Metrum Cryoflex specializes in developing and manufacturing high power medical laser
based of state of the art USA (QPC) and GERMANY (DILAS, LIMO) diode, cooling plate, and power supply sources.
Our new diode laser 1470nm is the first one on the World with 17 or 40 Watts power.  

The 1470 nm laser light beam has suitably low melanin and hemoglobin absorption for skin penetration and respectively high water and fat absorption for selective photothermolysis. The wave of the 1470 nm laser is absorbed by cellular water 40 times better than the wave of laser 980 nm and 160 times better than the wave of Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser.


 SWING 1470 laser therapy system is use for: 


Endovenous occlusion of great saphenous veins EVLT
Endovenous occlusion of perforating vei

Ulceration treatment

Laser lipolysis and liposuction

Hemorrhoids treatment

Benign skin lesions treatment

Acne treatment and other skin pathologies



PLDD - Percutaneous laser disc decompresion

Disc nucleoplasty 

Facet joint thermal ablation