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SWING 1,5 nm  is the state of art in laser construction and  the gold standard in metastasis surgery on the lungs. It has an incredible physical characteristics which allows to save lung tissue, gentle and cost-effective as well as execute removal procedure of central and multiple tumors.

Well known in medical field precision resection is easily carried out with a sterile laser fiber by contacting with the tissue at a distance of a couple of millimeters from the tumor surface. The use of a laser fiber instead of a lens hand piece and the high output rating of the laser allow us to avoid overheating the lungs healthy tissue and guarantee a successful resection procedure. The fiber is comfortable to control and allow precise  guidance like a scalpel and facilitates thanks to the direct contact with the tissue the cutting procedure in comparison with a lens hand piece. The heat occurring counteracts a tumor cell spread to the healthy tissue.

Thanks to this medical technique, a large number of metastases are now able to be  removed from the lung without damages of the healthy tissue and losing blood. Now we can conduct treatments even of  hard cases of  inoperable patients making it cost-effective and efficient  thanks to this technology.



In addition to meastasis surgery, usage of 1470 nm diode laser gives you some extra benefits in other parenchyma resections on the lungs, such as segment resections. In that medical case, an anatomical resection can be conducted using the diode laser without any negative affect by the rigid geometry of an instrument as it is with bracket stitch devices.

Advantages of using Swing 1,5 um in Thoracic surgery

  • Cut and coagulate simultaneously

  • Sealing properties provide smooth tissue surface

  • Parenchyma-saving and lobe-sparing precise resection

  • Deep and centrally located metastases can be exposed

  • Re-treatment is possible with recurring metastases

  • Precise resection of multiple metastases in only one procedure

  • Best hemostasis

  • Post-operative drainage can be removed shortly after treatment





High quality silica/silica fiber with a wide range of application


  • Suitable for 532 nm up to 2200 nm. The best choice for 940 nm and 1470 nm.
  • Standard (SM) or high power (SL) F-SMA905 connector
  • Standard length 3 m, NA = 0.22
  • Type of the fiber: disposable (ETO,sterilization double packed) and reusable (ETO, Steam, Plazma, sterilization)





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