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The polish diode laser SWING 1470nm with radial (3600) fiber used for endovenous laser treatments of the Greater Saphenous Vein, Smaller Saphenous Vein and perforators in patients with superficial vein reflux.

EVLT- Endovenous occlusion of great saphenous vain and small saphenus vain


The procedure is performed under local anesthesia either in an outpatient setting or in the operating room. The endovenous method leaves no scars, minimizes the risk of infection and post procedural pain. It also gives excellent clinical and esthetical outcome with significant cost reduction. A distinctive post procedural pain decrease can be observed after 1470 nm laser treatment due to better light absorption inside the vein. (40 times better than the wave of the 980 nm laser and 160 times better thanthe wave of the Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser). 


EVLT- Endovenus occlusion of perforating veins


The endovenous technique enables to occlude perforating veins under direct vision. It is faster and more effective that classical methods. Patients tolerate procedures  very well and come back to normal activity very fast. According to research conducted on 1000 patients the technique is very successful. Positive results without any side effects like skin pigmentation could be observed at all patients. The procedure can be done even when a patient is on antithrombotic medications or suffers from circulatory incompetence. 


EVLT- Ulceration treatment


  • Endovenous approach:

Under fluoroscopic guidance we introduce the catheter with thin optical fiber through the feeding vein on the ulceration site. Then, the feeding vein is enlightened on its entire length. The nonreversible laser ablation leads to the vessel occlusion and speeds up the healing processes.

  • Percutaneous approach:

Laser light is a well-known cure for faster healing of many injuries in cases of microcirculation reduction because it stimulates cellular growth. During the procedure, the injury is radiated crosswise on low power levels with the large spot ending. The photo stimulation is highly effective in diabetic foot treatment.

  • Congenital venous malformations

By means of a mini incision, the selected fiber was introduced in the interior of the malformation and laser was applied on as much endothelial surface as possible,controlling emission of heat onto the skin.  



Radial fibers

360° RADIAL TIP FIBER produced by Metrum Cryoflex applies energy faster and more accurately than any other fiber type in the endovenous market. FIBER (360°) used with SWING LASER ensures 
energy emission that guarantees homogenous photothermal destruction of the vein wall, allowing safe closure of the vein. By avoiding perforation of the vein wall and associated thermal irritation of the surrounding tissue, intra- and post-operative pain is minimized, as are echymosis and other side-effects.
RADIAL FIBER provides simple and safe control and positioning of the fiber thanks to the excellent ultrasound visibility of the distal end of the fiber.
RADIAL FIBER is equipped with safety markings for optimal control of the pullback process.



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