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Gyneacology – Endometrial cryoablation

Endometrial cryoablation

Endometrial cryoablation is considered an innovative technique. We have few data on this technique, and, as of yet, there are published long term results of large, randomized, controlled trials. Based on the results of such randomized, controlled trial shows that endometrial cryoablation compares with transcervicalresection of the endometrium in terms of efficacy, the level of satisfaction and the reoperation rate. It was found that endometrial cryoablation is a very efficient method in women affected by uterine bleeding due to nonmalignant endometrial hyperplasia. Finally, the selection criteria for this procedure include non-obese women, having had menarche at 12 years old or later, having given birth no more than twice, and with endometrial thickness no more than 10 mm.

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