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It is the most popular our model for whole body cryotherapy, designed for clinics offering treatments for up to 50 patients per day.It consists of pre-chamber where the temperature ranges from -60°C to -70°C and appropriate main treatment chamber where the set temperature has therapeutic features (-120°C to -150°C).

In ARCTICA CLASSIC PLUS cryochamber the treatment is carried out or 2-4 patients simultaneously. In the second version of this cryochamber – ARCTICA CLASSIC PLUS II, the additional pre-chamber is used. In this version of the chamber treatments can be carried out for 4-6 patients simultaneously.

The ceiling for both versions is made of glass, and interior is illuminated with medical therapeutic light. Closing the chamber with ceiling ensures a homogeneous temperature distribution in its interior. Glass doors and large windows in the cryochamber walls provide a lot of comfort to patients as well as a sense of security.

This cryochamber type is meant for specialist hospitals, large health centers, rehabilitation centers and sports clubs.

Advantages of cryochamber ARCTICA CLASSIC

  • Professional production and service – cryochamber is build by Polish company acting over 15 years on the market of production of medical devices. We are offering service, which consists of team of cryogenic engineering specialists.
  • Production safety – company TUV Nord (notified body, that every year is organizing audits of our company) is watching over our production quality system.
  • High quality product – cryochamber is produced from highest quality wood (beechen and pine wood),
  • multilayer glass, computer controlled, tactile monitor on control panel, nursing system with ozone generator.
  • Patient safety – cryochamber is fully safe and adapted to needs of disabled people and people with claustrophobia.
  • Procedure quality – cryochamber working parameters are in compliance with methodology (procedure temperature, temperature gradient etc.)
  • Economics of work – direct gas injection allows to reduce gas consumption, high class isolation of walls, floor and doors allows to reduce loses of cold.