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ARCTICA CLASSIC MINI is ideal for hotels, spas, rehabilitation centres, wellness centers, fitness clubs, and sanatoriums.

Small external dimensions of the chamber in a mini version as well as module-based construction allow to mount it in small premises without the need for major conversion works. Cryochamber ARCTICA CLASSIC MINI is closed from the top with ceiling thanks to whicha homogeneous temperature distribution is obtained inside it. Cryochamber lighting system allows the patient to move easily while being inside it. Large panoramic glass and communication system ensures safe and comfortable treatment.

Advantages of cryochamber ARCTICA CLASSIC MINI

  • Professional production and service – cryochamber is build by Polish company acting over 15 years on the market of production of medical devices. We are offering service, which consists of team of cryogenic engineering specialists.
  • Production safety – company TUV Nord (notified body, that every year is organizing audits of our company) is watching over our production quality system.
  • High quality product – cryochamber is produced from highest quality wood (beechen and pine wood),
  • multilayer glass, computer controlled, tactile monitor on control panel, nursing system with ozone generator.
  • Patient safety – cryochamber is fully safe and adapted to needs of disabled people and people with claustrophobia.
  • Procedure quality – cryochamber working parameters are in compliance with methodology (procedure temperature, temperature gradient etc.)
  • Economics of work – direct gas injection allows to reduce gas consumption, high class isolation of walls, floor and doors allows to reduce loses of cold.