The BOA MINI+5 is designed for rehabilitation rooms and home care. It is designed for conducting massages using seven algorithms including a special algorithm for lymphatic drainage. Each of the algorithms can be performed as a conventional ascending or descending massage.

BOA MINI+5 offers seven sequential massage programs. You can set different values of pressure drop (gradient) in each section of the compression sleeve, and adjust the time of a full algorithm performance sequence. The device is equipped with constant measurement of pressure in the currently inflated sleeve section, and emergency pressure release in case of pain reported by the patient. You can adjust the pressure within the range of 30 ÷ 140 mmHg.The massage is conducted with compression sleeves on the lower and/or upper limbs. Each sleeve consists of five independent sections which are filled with air (to the pre-set pressure) in the appropriate order, according to the pre-set algorithm.

Advantages of using BOA MINI + 5

The pressure massage with BOA MINI+5  gives positive effect on the patient’s body by:

  • stimulation of the venous and lymphatic flows which leads to increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to organs,
  • faster removal of metabolic products, elimination of stasis symptoms, swelling absorption
  • facilitation of venous flow,
  • reduction of artery flow resistance which facilitates heart action,
  • widening of blood and lymphatic vessels leading to faster blood circulation.

BOA MINI+5 isequipped with top-quality pressure cuffs with overlapping chambers. Diameter can be increased using appropriate expanders. There various types of sleeves depending on the procedure.

Technical characteristics

  • Power supply: 230V/50Hz (+/- 10%)
  • Maximum power consumptiom: 30 VA
  • >Massage pressure range: min – 30 mmHg,max- 140 mmHg
  • Pressure gradient: 5 up to 15 %
  • Massage duration range(available durations):1;25;52 (s)
  • Massage tempo: 3 levels
  • 7 preinstalled programs for sequential massage
  • Number of operated chambers: 5
  • Pump flowrate: 12l/min
  • Control pannel
  • Dimensions: 270x340x150 (mm)<
  • Weight: 4 kg
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