CRYO-S ® Mini device is intended for local, rapid and efficient freezing of tissues using a wide range of contact cryoapplicators and unique spraying cryoapplicator, which with continuous cooling adjustment permits freezing of very small lesions (several cubic millimetres) as well as very large ones (several dozens cubic centimetres) by directly spraying liquid nitrous oxide on treated lesion. The apparatus is used for small surgeries. The device requires no electric power supply. All functions of the apparatus are perfomed pneumatically.

CRYO-S ® Mini device is ready for operation within several seconds. Tip of a probe achieves min. temperature in 2 to 10 seconds upon pressing the foot switching controler. Releasing the pedal causes return to temperature above 0oC in 3 to 3 seconds.

Technical characteristics

  • No power supply is needed.
  • Cooling medium (kept in steel cylinder under pressure).
    • Nitrous oxide (N2O).
    • Carbon dioxide (medical CO2).
  • Operating pressure.
    • Nitrous oxide (N2O)- 3.5÷5 MPa
    • Carbon dioxide (medical CO2)- 5.5 MPa
  • Pressure gauge and adjustment system.
    • After the cylinder valve is opened, internal circuit of the device is filled with gas under pressure: yellow 0 – 20 bar: end-piece  cleaning  pressure / blue 25 – 50 bar: standard operating pressure / red 60 – 80 bar: overpressure.
  • Operation mode selector.
    • Two operations mode: steady and freezing modes
  • Comfortable foot switching controler.
  • Estetic gas cylinder cover.
  • Four way move trolly.