CRYO-T Elephant mini

CRYO-T Elephant mini

Years of experience in one device

Quick start

Quick START allows to begin treatment immediately after turning on the device. In a short time it generates cold between -110°C -160°C required for getting best results of the procedure. Desired temperature is reached 1 minute right after pressing START.

The best pipe ever

Extreamly ergonomic and technological advanced cryogenic pipe (patented) ensures full freedom of movement. It stiffens up duringthe procedure and as a result, the operator’s hands do not become tired.

The insulation material used inside the cryogenic pipe prevents it from freezing.

Best productivity

Dewar vessels are available in two capacities: 35 and 50 l. Owing to electronic measurement of gas consumption with information presented on the screen, user can plan liquid nitrogen deliveries according to the needs. It enables to minimaze nitrogen losses resulting from gas evaporation during storage.

Up to -160° C

By using nitrogen as a cooling agent, the treatment temperature reach -160° C.

Patented technology combines efficiency and easy of use

The high quality, frost-free, patented cryogenic pipe guarantees unprecedented comfort and complete freedom of movement.

Quick & Safe procedure

Time of procedure on specifie body area ranges from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, on the face from 2 to 3 minutes. Patients with fat deposition or robust musculature the procedure may be extended to 15 minutes.

Safety first. The device has built-in several supporting functions which assure maximum safety for the user and the patient.

Technical specification

  • Power supply: 230 V
  • Cooling medium: LN2
  • Temperature cold stream up to: do -160°C
  • Stream intensiveness regulation: 5 levels
  • Version: pneumatic or heater
  • Vassel capacity available: 50 l or 35 l
  • Cooling medium level indicator: built-in
Pneumatic-pump version
Heater version