TWIST Diode, diode laser 10 W, 1940 nm

Phleobological laser for Varicose Veins - EVLT

METRUM CRYOFLEX introduces a new standard in EVLT using with TWIST Diode 1940 nm. Innovative, safe and painless procedures as it has never been before.


  • 290 times better absorption than 980 nm wavelength
  • No risk of burns and skin discoloration
  • No risk of vein perforation or carbonization
  • Very high effectiveness and short recovery time


  • Intuitive touch screen panel with black or white interface
  • Easy and quick list of set up programs
  • Possibility to create and save own programs

Wavelenght 1940 nm

Biophysics: The practical advantages of the laser with the wavelength of 1940 nm result from the high degree of absorption of laser light through interstitial water in the venous walls. Biophysical studies have confirmed the superiority of the diode laser with the wavelength of 1940 nm in this application. It is characterised with absorption rate that is 4.8 times higher than a 1470 nm laser, 70 times higher than a 1064 nm laser. and up to 290 times higher than the 980 nm laser.

EVLT with TWIST 1940 nm

Following features of the TWIST Diode laser make it matchless in EVLT procedure:

  • Effective vein closure using smaller dose of energy supplied to the vein (47 J/cm on average at the power range from 4 to 6 W)
  • Total lack of tissue carbonisation effect in vein and blood on the optical fibre ensuring homogeneous energy dose transfer along the entire vein. Thanks to this, the optical fibre may be used in a single procedure performed on both extremities without the need to remove char from its surface or replacing it with a new one.
  • Lower energy doses result in decreased pain (compared to the therapy using laser emitting light with 1470 nm wavelength), absence of the risk of burns and the related skin discolouration effects.
  • High effectiveness of treatment of 95% in the first year after treatment and 91% after three years according to scientific publications.
  • No aneurysmal dilatation of the GSV stump</li

Touch screen panel for easier work

The TWIST Diode laser is controlled from very high definition touch screen with excellent colour quality and a wide field of view, all this to provide the operator with ease of use. Individual user settings can be saved in the device, allowing quick and easy selection of treatment parameters.

The laser software allows for the energy emission in continuous wave (CW) mode, where the operator, based on the ultrasound mage (on-line), retracts the optical fibre in reaction to the visible response of the vein to the emission of energy.

The device software includes a mode of operation (Phlebology) enabling control of the vein ablation process by audibly informing the operator about delivering a programmed (or pre-set) dose of energy (J/cm) to the vein, thus determining the rate of optical fibre retraction from the treated vessel (sec/cm). After generating the desired energy dose, the laser automatically signals the optical fibre relocation time. The operator using this functionality can fully concentrate on tracking the ultrasound image without the need to control the laser operation.

The use of additional equipment such as “optical fibre retractor” is unnecessary, which reduces costs and also increases the quality and safety of the procedure.

Choose the colour of the layout

Do you know that TWIST Diode laser gives you possibility to change the layout colour? Depends on situation, lighting conditions you can choose white or black interface.