Company overview


METRUM CRYOFLEX is a well-established European manufacturer of medical devices. In our offer you can find wide range of devices for cryotherapy, pressotherapy, ozone therapy and most recently laser medicine. During last 29 years we have produced and sold more than 10 000 units on global medical market. Over 7000 private clinics are using our devices worldwide.

Within last 4 years we have allocated over 2 million Euro for R&D programs, design & production of technologically innovative products like surgical diode lasers, cryosurgical and cryotherapeutical devices which are protected by several international patents.


since 1992

CRYO-S ® Series

First products launched on the market in 1992 were cryosurgical devices – Cryo-S series. Since that time we have been significantly expanded our product portfolio and now in our offer you can find wide range of devices for cryotherapy, pressotherapy, ozone therapy and most recently laser medicine. From one product in 1992 we offer increased to almost 20 medical devices.

29 years of experiance

The essence of our technology and the first value, which we want our business partner to adopt, is quality. We are looking for ways to improve our production processes by introducing innovations that will optimize work. Our present position on the medical market and successful cooperation with referral centers, technical laboratories and institutes are the consequence of an approach we have followed for over 29 years.

We are still growing

At the beginning our company hired less than 10 people. In each year this number was being increased and now we hire several dozen people divided among those departments: R&D (Research and Development), Production, Sales & Marketing, Service, Quality and Regulatory Affairs.


Research & Development

Interdisciplinary team

The R&D department works on sustaining development and creating medical products in such areas as cryosurgery, cryotherapy, lymphatic massage, ozone therapy and laser medicine. Our interdisciplinary team of specialist (medical doctors, laser engineers, cryogenic engineers, software engineers, mechanics, electronics) is focused on delivering modern technological solutions to doctors and their patients.

Make it better

We constantly investigate new ways of improving our devices’ parameters such as cooling medium and energy consumption, as well as its dimensions, weight and costs. Thanks to cooperation with many doctors from different countries and best Polish universities we hope to introduce in the near future new treatment methods and technological solutions in such areas as tumor treatment.

Production & Quality

ISO System

ISO 13485:2016

METRUM CRYOFLEX has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 13485: 2012, under the supervision of TUV NORD Poland.

CE 2274

METRUM CRYOFLEX products are marked with CE 2274. Safety and high quality of products is confirmed by certificates of compliance according to the requirements of the Directive MDD 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.

Registration of Medicinal Products

METRUM CRYOFLEX products are registered with the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products.


Workshops and symposiums

In cooperation with medical associations and key opinion leaders we are introducing new methods of treatment used in hospitals and outpatient clinics. As our mission is to promote awareness of the new improved techniques we are engaged in the organization of many international symposia, webinars, workshops, and “hands on” workshops.

Global company

We are present on 5 continents

We are a global firm with the presence on four world continents. Our company cooperates with various distributors on the globe to deliver our products and services to foreign markets. We are proud to be one of the most successful Polish companies on the global market of high-tech medical devices. We are present in almost 50 countries on 5 continents.


Wiesław Brojek

Wiesław Brojek M.Sc. Eng., is the president of METRUM CRYOFLEX. He is a graduate of Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. He is a precursor of cryosurgery and cryotherapy. He has a number of patents that are used by thousands of doctors around the world..