Our values



Our goal is to be the global leader in delivering new solutions in medical technology that are patient friendly and user friendly (minimally invasive, safe, with excellent operability and effectiveness), ultimately contributing to the realm of health and medicine.


As a medical devices manufacturing company, we embrace the changing healthcare environment and seek to identify and explore opportunities  as they emerge. With the best patient care always in mind, we insist on the utmost in quality of our devices through constant cooperation with medical institutions as well as investing in R&D resources. We commit to strengthen our position as a global leader and constantly launch innovative products that will significantly influence the quality of health care


The essence of our technology and the first value, which we want our business partners to adopt, is quality. We are looking for ways to improve our production processes by introducing innovations that will optimize work. Our present position on the medical market and successful cooperation with referral centers, technical laboratories and institutes are the consequence of an approach we have followed for over 20 years.