CRYO-T ® Duo as cryotherapy device allows easy and safe administration of cooling medium – carbon dioxide (CO2 liquid phase). It does not require liquid nitrogen (LN2) and achieves temperatures of -75 °C. Contrary to other cooling media, carbon dioxide has twofold effect on human organism. Cold carbon dioxide acts on the organism already during the procedure, which ensures effective cool penetration into deeper tissues. Properties of corbon dioxide ensure safe application of the cryotherapy device on patients with cardiological problems.

CRYO-T ® Duo permits non-invasive treatment of vein-nets (spider angioma). Carbon dioxide-based cryotherapy permits safe and precise direct gas application, which is achieved by moving apparatus nozzle set to the lowest possible temperature (-75°C) just above the skin.

The device is intended for use in rehabilitation and physiotherapy rooms. Two replaceable nozzles allow precise cooling of selected parts of the body thus ensuring very economic utilisation of CO2.

Advantages of using CRYO-T ® Duo

  • 40 – 60 minutes of continuous work with one 10 l capacity gas cylinder (depending on nozzle size)
  • Portable version of CRYO-T ® works with various sizes of gas cylinders (5-40 liters)
  • Fast and easy gas cylinder replacement (siphon type gas cylinder)
  • Safe for patient and personnel
  • No gas losses regardless of storage period
  • Gas available in wide medical and technical gases
Application of carbon dioxide in cryotherapeutic procedures ensures full therapeutic effects, that is:
  • Pain relief resulting from releasing large amounts of endorphins,
  • Inflammatory processes activity reduction, 
  • Muscular tone reduction,
  • Oedema reduction,
  • Improvement of patient’s clinical and functional condition due to increased mobility of cooled articulations and due to increasing muscular force,
  • Speeding up wound healing and injury treatment processes, relieving thermal shock – alleviating post-burn conditions.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz
  • Cooling medium: Carbon dioxide (CO2) in siphon cylinder
  • Operationg pressure: normal: 5÷6 MPa, maximum 8 MPa
  • Operation (cooling) time:
  • 10 litre (7.5 kg) cylinders – nozzle no. 3: 45 min
  • 10 litre (7.5 kg) cylinders – nozzle no. 1: 120 min
  • Nozzle temperature range: -65º ÷ -75º
  • 2 nozzle connection ports with (electric and pneumatic each)
  • LCD screen
  • Control panel
  • Sound notrification system
  • Dimensions: 360 x 410 x 135 (mm)
  • Weight: 6 kg